17 March, 2010

T2+T3 Past Questions Wordles

Wordles created by T2 class. Not 100% perfect but great extra practice! Get your students to spot the mistakes.


1. Put students in teams of 3 and handout miniwhiteboards. One student is the "secretary" who writes on the miniwhiteboard and sits with his/her back to the whiteboard.
2. The other two students face the whiteboard and dictate the words in the correct order to the "secretary".
3. Award points for correct grammar and spelling.

15 March, 2010

Digital Storytelling - Bookr

This activity was done with Upper Intermediate 1 Teenagers but can be adapted for ALL ages and levels.

This is an extended practice activity to use gerunds, infinitives and other verb structures.

In this activity you are going to create an online photobook with www.pimpampum.net/bookr. You will call your presentation:

"10 Things to Worry about if you're a Teenager in Spain."

1. Watch the model presentation. Are you surprised about what English teachers have to worry about?

2. Watch the demonstration of how to create an online book with Bookr..
3. Click here to begin.
4. Upload your book to the class blog. Watch the demonstration to learn how to do this.
5. Comment on your classmates' online books.

14 March, 2010

Personal Information Questions

Personal Information Questions. Vocabulary includes school subjects, free time, home, family and using computers

12 March, 2010

Real English Lesson 46: Yesterday - the past simple - "did"

Real English Lesson 46: Yesterday - the past simple - "did"

Check students know:

a.watch - watched
b.work - worked
c.is - was
d.eat - ate
e.go - went
f.bring - brought
g.work out - worked out
h.swim - swam
i.study - studied
j.wash - washed

There are 18 exercises in total. Choose appropriate for your class. Exercise 18 is a crossword of past simple forms of verbs heard in the videos.

01 March, 2010

Word Formation

Here is a link to a word formation exercise.

Mini whiteboards. Teams and squeaky balls.