23 May, 2010

T7 - A Visit to New York

Watch the short video story of a visit to New York.
How many different tenses can you identify in this story? What are they?

12 May, 2010

T2+T3 - How many sports can you see?

1. Watch the video (two times if necessary).
2. Write all the sports you can see on the mini whiteboards.
3. Check your spelling! The team with the most correctly spelt sports is the winner!

T2-T4 - What´s he going to do ?

1. Where is he?
2. What is he doing?
3. What is he going to do?


1. Play the first few seconds of the video and ask where he is. teach/elicit tube
2. Play a few more seconds then ask what he's doing (extend to asking what he's wearing etc. (skis, skiing, poles, etc.)
3. When he gets to the top of the escalator stop the video again. What is it? (escalator), what's he going to do?.