28 November, 2011

T3 - Unit 1 Revision - Jeopardy Game

T3 Unit 1 revision - present simple affirmative and negative, questions and adverbs of frequency. For stronger classes!

T3 - Unit 1 Revision

15 November, 2011

L4/Y3 Present Questions Wordle

Wordles created by L4. Not perfect but good practise for your class. Get your students to spot the mistakes.

1. Put students in groups of 3.
2. Assign one student as the "secretary" and give them a Mini whiteboard or paper and a pen. Students sits with back to the board.
3. Other two students dictate the words to the secretary.
4. Award points for correct spelling, grammar and word order.

07 November, 2011

03 November, 2011

T4 - Unit 2 - Revision

Jeopardy Game

T4 Unit 2 Revision Jeopardy Game

Present Continuous, Present Continuous v. Present Simple